VIKING Foil Set 
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Designed and produced in Europe with the latest and most robust technology, the ICELAND is the ultimate in lightweight, durability and responsive performance. The foilboard was created for the most astonishing freeriding experience and will give you a head start into the sport. However the ICELAND most probably will never bore you – it´s compact shape and stiffness will invite you to learn your first manoeuvres and will handle any speed with ease! 

The flat rocker in-between the stance enhances very early planning and allows you to lift off in light winds! Paired with a VIKING 1220 and a light kite you might get going in 7 knots. The high nose rocker will ease any touch downs. This is a very pleasant feature when learning kite foiling and will accelerate learning jibes and 360s!

Its innovative design features a V-shaped reinforcement throughout the whole board allowing for unmatched stiffness. The wood core is CNC-milled and combined with carbon fibre to enhance the direct feedback to the foil. The construction technology does not only offer maximum durability and longevity but also allows for a fair retail price. The full deckpad is equipped with a tailkick for maximum grip when riding strapless. However the board also offers various strap positions for up to three straps.

The super light foil mount has the industry standard of 9cm. It will mount any foil and allows for a very wide range of personal adjustment. For plug & play simply combine with our KOLD shapes VIKING foil 720, 960 or 1220. Like all our boards it arrives wrapped in paper & cardboard and is CO2 neutrally produced in the EU. The ICELAND comes with the full deck pad, track nuts and foil screws. 

Feel free to contact your local dealer or us for a test ride! Enjoy the flight.


Our aim is to design the highest performing boards and reduce the impact on our planet at the same time. We believe that many of Mother Nature ́s materials such as FLAX and organic resins actually enhance the performance of our products. In addition all the CO2 emissions that occur during the production of our boards are off set.


The ICELAND is based on a CNC precision milled Paulownia WOOD CORE. This is the lightest and healthiest option and furthermore it minimise the weight and improves the responsiveness of the board.


The ICELAND was designed to be the stiffest and most direct foil board. The carbon fibre gives you a very direct connection to your foil and no energy gets lost in unwanted flexibility. This direct feel and the light weight will help you at any level!


The V-Stringer is CNC milled into the buttom of the board. Saving weight and delivering maximumg stiffness at the same time.


The combination of carbon fiber, 3D CNC-milled reinforcements, and a wood core assembled under ultra-high pressure maximizes the durability of the board. Not only is it ultra-stiff, but it is also very robust and ready to absorb shocks during your travels and jumps!


We added a high NOSE ROCKER which eases any touch down. This is extremely helpful when learning how to foil but also helps when performing your first maneuvers. Just riding away in high speed from any touch down!