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Introducing the FJORD by Kold Shapes: the ultimate FREERIDE board which seamlessly blends control, performance and comfort. Designed with attention to detail, the FJORD is your eco-conscious ride from the first day until the experienced freerider! Easiest planning and upwind abilities combined with perfect edge control when loading into your first jumps & rotations. Send us an email today and we will hook you up with a test ride at our partner schools, stores or team riders! 

Comfortable Flex & Light Weight

Experience unparalleled comfort with the FJORD softer flex. It is crafted to feel extremely smooth and easy in all conditions. Its lightweight construction ensures a very light feel when launching into your first jumps.

Grip & Control

Equipped with channels for extra grip, the FJORD provides superior traction compared to other freeride boards, keeping you tracked and in control. This proves especially important in challenging conditions. The channels enhance your performance when riding upwind, throwing first turns into waves or loading into your next jump!

Early Planning & Easy Upwind

The FJORD excels in early planning, getting you up and riding even in challenging light-wind conditions. The FJORD has a moderate rocker for the very best upwind performance. This is of crucial importance when learning how to ride, but also when trying your first tricks. Ensuring you spend more time on the water and less time struggling riding upwind.

Extremely Smooth Ride

Navigate choppy waters with extreme ease thanks to the FJORD´s forgiving outline. The boards rides effortlessly through any conditions and has absolutely no spray coming at you. Equally important for students and experienced freeriders. Furthermore the smaller tips provide extra control when the wind increases and the ocean surfaces becomes more challenging.


We added the perfect amout of rocker which makes the FJORD playful in turns and when launching into your first rotations. Each size has the optimal blend of easy upwind abilities, yet all the agility and responsiveness, making it ideal for first tricks and quick turns.

European Craftsmanship & Sustainability

Like all our products the FJORD is proudly being Made in Europe. It consists of a Paulownia wood core, combining durability with lightweight performance. Committed to sustainability, KOLD shapes ensures the FJORD is CO2 neutral and packed without plastic, minimizing its environmental footprint.


Our aim is to design the highest performing boards and reduce the impact on our planet at the same time. We believe that many of Mother Nature ́s materials such as FLAX and organic resins actually enhance the performance of our products. In addition all the CO2 emissions that occur during the production of our boards are off set.


The FJORD is based on a CNC precision-milled Paulownia wood core. This is the lightest and healthiest option, and furthermore, it enhances the flex patterns built into the board. The core and construction in general are extremely lightweight.


The bottom GRIP CHANNELS are integrated into a SINGLE CONCAVE and will allow you to control the edge when riding upwind and launching into your next big jump! The extra edge control will also provide you with security when the wind picks up and conditions become rough.


The FJORD has the softest FLEX pattern in the KOLD Shapes range. The flex pattern is similar to the POLAR I and will offer you the most comfortable ride in challenging conditions. Tough landings will no longer be a threat to your knees and lower back. However, the board is still playful and stiff enough to help you learn your first rotations and perfect your jump technique!


We added a slightly more CONTINOUS ROCKER than a beginner board would offer. Especially, the 138 size has a fair amount of continuous rocker, which adds maneuverability and smoothens the ride in choppy conditions. The 143 and 147 are curved enough to easily launch into jumps and rotations, but we took out 5mm of rocker to further enhance the early planning and upwind abilities of the bigger sizes.


Most riders underestimate the importance of their pads! However it is the connection between the rider and the board and ultimately provides all the feedback we receive from the water when riding. Despite providing feedback you also want the pads to be the most comfortable and perfectly customised to your feet. We designed the VELCRO 2.0 System so you can spend endless hours on your twin tip and take your moves to the next level!