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~ Most sustainable board on the market

~ Ultra stiff for best responsiveness

~ Extremely light weight by hollow construction

~ CNC milled stringers from one block of wood

~ Ultra strong lamination

~ Compact shape for manoeuvres

~ High nose rocker for easy touchdowns

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The GRØNLAND is not just another foil board. It is a true masterpiece of engineering, which is displayed by its performance, construction, materials and design. Only a very limited number of these special boards will be shaped in our German production each year.

Let’s start with the unique construction, which is probably the very most sustainable one out there. The core is based on a solid piece of paulownia wood which is CNC milled for multiple hours to reveal the complex stringers and form the basis of the hollow construction.

The stringers are calculated in a way so that the forces of the foil and foot straps are distributed equally among the board. The complex spread of the stringers allows the super light and hollow construction.

The stringers are then again covered by paulownia wood and finished by premium glass combined with bio-based resin. For the most beautiful outcome we have further polished the clear surface of the GRØNLAND.

The foil box is further reinforced by carbon to ensure a very long product life by a strong construction. These materials have earned this board the Gold Level standard by Sustainsurf. The high nose rocker of the GRØNLAND eases touch down and makes this board extremely simple to ride – both for beginners and freeriders. The volume of the board helps beginners and satisfies freestylers when learning their first manoeuvres.  Furthermore the ultra stiff and light construction result in a very responsive feeling when going for carves, jumps or riding at high speeds.

This foil board is equipped with six plugs offering any stance position you can wish for. Allowing you to go strapless, with one, two or three straps and find your desired style of foiling. This board comes board only, but we are happy to help with all accessories such as pads and straps. The future boxes of the foil mount have the industry standard of 9cm and equally allow for a very wide range of adjustment. For plug & play simply combine with our KOLD shapes VIKING foil!

Feel free to contact your local dealer or us for a test ride! Enjoy the flight.