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After three years of endless dedication, research & development we are extremely proud to present to you the POLAR ll. How do you improve the most comfortable freestyle deck out there? First of all you make sure the new design remains equally comfortable and easy to handle in any condition! This is why we have chosen an outline that cuts smoothly through any kind of chop and guarantees a precise take-off every time.

Second, we made sure that the flax pattern remains just as soft and forgiving as the first version. However we have improved the 3D top deck, which adds responsiveness and provides extra feedback to the rider. Furthermore the new 3D design offers a grip cavity for your big air game and board flips.

Another big improvement has been done to the channel construction. By deepening the double concave the new POLAR ll provides extra grip when throwing big turns. In addition the enhanced channels allow you to hold the edge longer when going for new heights! The POLAR ll comes in two colours and a precisely defined sizing. The 128 and 131cm have a 4cm smaller stance and a slightly softer flex – so that every rider can find the perfect match.

Of course we have not lost focus on our environmental impact. All our products are produced CO2 neutral under high quality control and fair conditions in Europe. Using more sustainable material and packed in paper and wood. 


Our aim is to design the highest performing boards and reduce the impact on our planet at the same time. We believe that many of Mother Nature ́s materials such as FLAX and organic resins actually enhance the performance of our products. In addition all the CO2 emissions that occur during the production of our boards are off set.


The FLAX FIBRE used in the board is a sustainable and cellulose based composite, which is highly efficient at the same time. Not only does it reduce the carbon footprint of the board but also adds special mechanic properties compared to carbon or glass fibre. During our R&D work we designed different stringers to support the flex patterns for high impacts!


The POLAR ll is based on a CNC precision milled Paulownia WOOD CORE. This is the lightest and healthiest option and furthermore it enhances the flex patterns build into the board. To minimise the weight and improve the responsiveness of the board we milled a 3D top construction. 


The new DOUBLE CONCAVE offers even more grip during turns, take-offs and landings! Furthermore it provides extra grip when launching into flat spins of a kicker wave - and enhances early planning!


The stringer made out of FLAX FIBRE runs from tip to tip across the whole deck and minimises the negative flex of the board. Thus the stringer prevents tip dives when landing with lots of speed. Actually this is why the POLAR ll can provide so much flex and still offer perfect landings for your freestyle game!


The new GRIP CHANNELS integrated into the DOUBLE CONCAVE and the tips allow you to fully control the edge at any time - even when launching completely overpowered into you next WOO record! The extra grip enhances upwind abilities and allows you to ride smaller fins to ease fast landings.


The 3D channels and top construction of the board minimise the weight but also provide extremely precise flex. Combined with the FLAX FIBRE it offers super soft landings and maximum comfort at maximum speed!


We added a slightly more CONTINUOUS ROCKER than the usual freeride board would offer. This is what makes the POLAR so perfect for soft landings and precise take off in all conditions. Furthermore it adds manoeuvrability and smoothens the ride in choppy conditions!


The RATCHET BINDING is the easiest system to adjust while riding. The ratchet allows you to tighten or loosen the strap within seconds! To maximise the comfort we equipped the inside and edges of the strap with MEMORY FOAM. 


The AIR DAMPENING system integrated into our pads is designed to absorb any shock while landing! The air cushion sits underneath and around the heel to offer maximum comfort - no matter if you are landing megaloops or simply ride in choppy waters. To further enhance a perfect stance we equipped the pads with a grippy 3D surface. The TOE RIDGE presses your toes towards the MEMORY FOAM of the binding. We could go on about all the different stance options - but just step in and try it for yourself!