• Artikelnummer: KOLDSTMT2
  • Outstanding performance in small to medium waves
  • Very easy to ride due to its slightly wider tail
  • Earliest planning
  • Extremely durable new sandwich construction
  • Waterproof core & flax fibre stringer
  • Grab rail
  • Compact shape for manoeuvres & strapless freestyle
  • Super light weight
  • Super smooth in any chop due to new channel

Comes with a tailpad and fins of your choice!

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The STATEMENT II will take your surfing game to the next level! Designed for waist to shoulder-high waves it is your best companion for the Baltic Sea and your next trip to the West Coast. The thruster fin setup and its compact shape allow tight turns with precision. Furthermore the compact outline will offer maximum control when launching into your first strapless freestyle moves.

The low centre rocker enhances earliest planning and carries speed extremely well. This will allow you to be the first one out enjoying the waves or practising new moves on the flat water. Especially if you don’t enjoy big twintips or foils, this board will save every light wind day! Another standout feature of STATEMENT II is its easy-to-ride design, thanks to its slightly wider tail. No matter if it is your first time on a waveboard or your first roll-tack, you will feel like a natural.

You'll be amazed at how effortlessly this board glides through choppy waters. The new bottom channel design of STATEMENT II is designed to absorb chop and ensures smooth surfing in all conditions. The top is equipped with a grab rail to provide you with maximum control in your freestyle game.

Every STATEMENT II is shaped in Portugal under strict quality supervision and the latest CNC technology. The ultra-light sandwich construction makes it extremely durable - this baby is built to last.

With a waterproof core, which can hold up to 50.000kg/m² and the flax fibre stringer, you can trust that your board will be with you for many seasons to come. Furthermore we make sure the offcuts are reused and recycled.

You might ask yourself if the STATEMENT II is the surfboard you always wished for? The answer is very simple: If you mostly ride chest-high waves and you are interested in learning new manoeuvres, it definitely is! Send us a message today and we will hook you up with a test-ride today.


Length Volume Width Thickness
4'11" 18.7l 17.6" 1.9"
5'2" 23l 18.5" 2.2"