• Artikelnummer: VELCRO2
  • GTIN: 4262374850711

~ The best fit for all sizes!

~ Two Velcro Straps to customise to any foot

~ Adjustable width of the strap 

~ Made in Europe

~ No more loosing of screws & washers

~ Easy & safe mounting

~ Baseplate offers personal positioning to heel side

~ Offer individual stance angle

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Most riders underestimate the importance of their pads! However it is the connection between the rider and the board and ultimately provides all the feedback we receive from the water when riding. Despite providing feedback you also want the pads to be the most comfortable and perfectly customised to your feet. We designed the VELCRO 2.0 System so you can spend endless hours on your twin tip and take your moves to the next level!

The revolutionary base plate allows you to move the whole pad from rail to rail. This is crucial for smaller feet to build pressure on the heel side when jumping. Furthermore it is equally important for bigger feet to prevent any spray splashing up your legs. In addition the base plate offers any duck angle you can wish for – just like you know from your snowboard or wakeboard stance.

The two Velcro Straps ensure the perfect fit to any size and shape of foot or your neoprene shoes. Furthermore you can adjust the width of the strap by switching the stiffeners holding the Velcro Straps. On top of that you can move the whole strap within the baseplate. This allows the perfect positioning to the pad’s toe ridge according to your size.

The VELCRO 2.0 System works on tracks and fits 6” and 155mm inserts. The washers and screws are retained within the baseplate so you do not loose any essential part while travelling. When remounting the strap you automatically keep your personal adjustment of the whole system! Furthermore the screw always sits in a 90° angle which is not only safer for your inserts but also extremely easy to mount. ​​​Oh and the 3D shaped pad is made of three different foams, which ensure the perfect mix of comfort, feedback and grip! So when we said this system fits everyone we actually meant it is the most individual very best fit for you!

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